#79 Saturday’s en-pleinair

“Black Creek Estuary” | 8×8 | August 2020

With my very good friend, a watercolour painter like me, after a whole year later than planned, we finally got outside last Saturday to paint together. There were so many distractions, like beautiful birds, and driftwood and dogs, that we didn’t actually paint much. So when I got home to my orderly and functional studio I finished this at my easel.

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  1. Mudito says:

    Lovely painting Susy


    1. Susy-J says:

      Thank you again. Your comments mean alot to me.I’ve tried selling them but IKEA and the local gifts/arts store have both turned me down. I’m planning to try my own mobile pop-up store next summer.


  2. Martha A Chaney says:

    WOW, I really like your depictions of life and your comments. I hope to meet you some day. I do crafty things myself but your watercolors are lovely! 🦋


    1. Susy-J says:

      Hey hi Martha. Thanks for looking at my website. I try to post a new painting every week. If you choose FOLLOW you will get a notification whenever I do


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