Art, for me,

Is not only a passion

But a compulsion.

Not only how I see

But a reflection of me.

When the sun makes a shadow

When the earth grows a tree

I can too. It empowers me.

It’s not just what I see

But a reflection of me

My way to see



Why create? Why do art?

To see. To try.

Rethink. Refocus.

Modify status.

Manipulate surplus.

Rediscover purpose.

Change from contrary

To extraordinary

Making is a testament

That we’re human

We can.

Sometimes not intentionally

Often accidentally

Make old new

And new old, too

And all because

That’s what artists do.

–Susy Johnsen

ARTIST BIO. Although born in Denmark Susy is an island gal. At the ripe age of 3 months she convinced her parents to emigrate directly to Campbell River, BC, Canada, where she recognized as early as primary school that she could sustain intense focus whenever doing art. Although assignments were not always well-written they were certainly well-illustrated. Her art education began at CARIHI and was influenced especially by two teachers — Ms Simpson (gr8) and Ms Hilsden (gr11). Upon graduation she won a bursary from the Campbell River Arts Council. That bursary enticed her to enroll into art college. A college portfolio led her to graphic design which segued into a career in advertising. Intense years of deadline-driven agency work led her to rethink her art. The irony was that now she was spending all her time doing everything but art. Quitting the city led her back to the island and the chance to explore watercolours. Without a studio she began painting outside and without a place to display her art she started a blog. She posts a new painting every month often twice-monthly. Follow her passion, see her hone her skills, at https://susy-j.ca


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