#149 Wild geraniums

Really teeny tiny five-petal pink flowers all over the lawn. So delicate and pretty that I couldn’t let them be mowed down.

#144 Daffs

There’s so many ways to paint daffodils. Their distinctive shape let’s you go loose and yet not so loose that you lose the shape

#139 An invitation to start a renaissance

The pandemic has you inside looking out. Now tweak your gaze slightly to looking inside. Look at things, hold them, feel their weight, scent, sound. Now look at those same things from on your device. You can’t see textures on your device. However, watercolour paper is all about that. The paper seduces. The paints reply….

#138 Blooms blessed blooms

No more watercolours coming for the next few months. Today I’m having hip replacement surgery – hurray!!

#130 Echinaceas

I can gaze at this watercolour taped on my wall and benefit from the healing power of Echinaceas.

#125 Deep Bay

Exploring Ships Point Road I landed at Ships Point Park. It’s a very rocky pointy-shaped park on a spit with a dramatic view of Deep Bay.

#121 Ships Point Road

Exploring mid-island I had to pull over at the first view of water along Ships Point Road.

#111 Pansy

The velvety petals are captured on the texture of watercolour paper, mmm-mmm, nothing like it when you can hold it in your hand!

#110 pleinair, day one, May 7

We met at the Buckley Bay rest area at 1:00. We meet again May 14 at Rosewall Park – see you there! Although it started to rain after the first hour, we had an awesome time. And cuz it’s outside we can be covid-safe. I’m hopeful more will show up each Friday at one o’clock….

#109 Early birds

Morning journey to their favourite feeding ground. | 4×4 | 2019

#108 Waiting

“Waiting _____” you fill in the blank, what would be your title for this painting

#79 Saturday’s en-pleinair

With my very good friend, a watercolour painter like me, after a whole year later than planned, we finally got outside last Saturday to paint together. There were so many distractions, like beautiful birds, and driftwood and dogs, that we didn’t actually paint much. So when I got home to my orderly and functional studio…