#52 Seaside bling.

Winter is a tricky time to paint outdoors. I will set up en-pleinair (my outdoor painting kit), try to work as quickly as possible so to capture the drama of the winter light only to get washed out by rain or snow – and then there’s the wind. Here are ruby-red rosehips with grey and yellow hues of the winter beach.  | “Red in Grey”  |  diptych  | each 8×8″ together 16×8″ |  Jan 2020  |


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  1. Mudito says:

    Very nice paintings Susy. So fun to see you develop as a watercolour painter. Painting outdoors is always tricky but especially so in winter (which I have never tried to be honest). You are getting the atmospherics just right in these two works. Also, good to hear about you new studio and gallery.

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