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  1. janet c. says:

    sounds sublime….hopefully our paths will cross again ~ perhaps a visit to the island when c is out of our hair. still see susan c. once in a while. i’ll say hi to her from you ! big hug. janet xo

    1. Susy-J says:

      Big hug to you too.

  2. janet church (churchie) says:

    hello dear friend; remember me. i remember you and think of you time to time. perhaps you are back on the island, or still sunshine coat?
    wherever, hope your covid is well, and your artistry is so calming to the eye. lottsa luv, janet

    1. Susy-J says:

      Awe, thanks for looking at my art blog. On the island in Bowser with my new man. Have my own art studio in the loft overlooking the ocean. Renovating our BnB into an art gallery… Lovin it here but not much tennis happening here

  3. Anna Diehl says:

    Wow! I love how you’re evolving, expanding, and it’s a Flicker! One of my favourites — their song is like a squeak toy, makes me giggle every time. Had them regularly in my yard in Halfmoon Bay, haven’t seen nor heard one here in the estates (that’s what we are now, Poplars Estates) hahaha
    I’ll remember to remind you about this one for my next birthday. When I really will be 58. ha!

    1. Susy-J says:

      Yeah I know they really do squeak. Thanks again

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