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  1. Those 4 paintings are wonderful examples, Susy. The hi-res samples really show off the organic beauty of watercolours on good paper when placed there by a master. Congrats on getting them shown on Granville Island where there should be plenty of eyeballs even during “the times.”


    1. Susy-J says:

      Thanks for the congrats! I know about using cheaper papers. It never works. It’s just lousy paper.


  2. Anna says:

    None of this surprised me, Suzy — I’ve always recognize you have a particular talent and gift for this. I can see a freedom and confidence coming through more with each painting. Congratulations!!!


  3. Mudito says:

    Good on you Susy. You have worked hard and it certainly shows.


  4. Susan says:

    That’s fantastic Susy…I’m so pleased to hear this. You are a fabulous artist and there are several of your paintings I love…maybe next year I can buy a few.

    So amazing.

    Hope you are keeping well during this crazy time 😊

    Susan 🥰

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