#71 Yellow warblers.

These smarties hide among the new yellow cones of our Douglas Fir tree.  “Yellow Warblers”  8×8″  |  July 2020


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  1. 1936dorte says:

    /*Hej Susy! – It is a lovely painting!  – How are you all in the Hansen-clan over there? – And how is your mother Inga? Alle our family in Denmark are doing well. – With Love from Dorte Lindskov Weiss*/

    Den 09-07-2020 kl. 17:35 skrev paintings inspired by Canada’s wild westcoast: > WordPress.com > Susy-J posted: ”  ” >


    1. Susy-J says:

      Hey hi Dorte. Thank you for the compliment. All of us are well. My Mom, even though she is well, is home alone. My brothers are able to visit her often and bring her favourite foods like melboller i soppe and frikediller . Please excuse my spelling in danish! Canada has fared the pandemic fairly well especially compared to our neighbours – the USA.


  2. Mudito , Bodhi Drope says:

    You captured this bird Susy, Great!
    Injoy, Bodhi


    1. Susy-J says:

      Hi Bodhi. Tusind-tak (thank you in danish!) I’ve just bought an Epson ET_7750 scanner-printer and loving the quality plus it’s cartridgeless !!!


  3. Mudito says:

    You have outdone yourself with this painting Susy. And aren’t they lovely little birds”


    1. Susy-J says:

      Thank you again. I like how this turned out. I dumped a lot of salt on the wet background to get texture.


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